Owning Your Health

How to Make Your New Year Health Resolution (Goals) a Lasting Lifestyle

January 19, 2023 Dr. Kyle Loveless and Dr. Holly Loveless Season 3 Episode 1
Owning Your Health
How to Make Your New Year Health Resolution (Goals) a Lasting Lifestyle
Show Notes

In this podcast you will learn some of the best ways to make your resolutions last. Drs. Kyle and Holly Loveless have not only been teaching how to live an incredible healthy lifestyle for years, but they have been living it with their family for the past 15 years.  Since both of them grew up in a conventional medically minded home, they understand how difficult it can be to make lifestyle health changes. The American medicalized culture has confused us so much about what health actually is, and how we should take care of our bodies to get the most out of them. In this quick episode they will give you tools to make your decisions last. 
This podcast will also be on our YouTube channel. (LovelessHealthSolutions)

Dr. Kyle mentioned the new "Understanding Inflammation" E-book available on their website for free. Simply go to www.queencityhealthcenter.com and scrolled down to the free ebook. Click and enjoy. Thank you so much for listening.

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