Owning Your Health

How to Create a Legit Health Plan for 2022: Understanding Exercise

February 16, 2022 Dr. Kyle Loveless and David Loman Season 2 Episode 4
Owning Your Health
How to Create a Legit Health Plan for 2022: Understanding Exercise
Show Notes

You will hear from Dr. Kyle's personal trainer, David Lowman and Dr. Kyle Loveless on how to truly become your own health expert. The Owning Your Health crew has changed. Dr. Kyle, Jonathon Rape and Robert Horneman found they were not able to get the time together to record so we decided to change it up. Dr. Kyle has been asking his BRILLIANT wife Dr. Holly Loveless to do a show with him for quite some time. Finally, the stars aligned. Dr. Holly is pregnant with their 3rd child, she has been inspired by another couple's podcast (Lisa and John Bevere) and the vision and idea behind Owning Your Health Podcast was still very alive. Though the boys will be missed. It is time for Dr. Kyle's #1 to join the OYH team. She is the core of it all.

In this episode Drs. Holly is taking a breather and we have invited Dr. Kyle's personal trainer David Lowman to speak to the OYH audience with Dr. Kyle. They will be teaching you how to create a legit health plan for this year, 2022. The overview of the plan follows the acronym D.R.E.A.M., diet, rest, exercise, alignment and mindset. This episode they dive in to how to create an exercise plan for you. This episode will teach how to view exercise differently, and how not to overdo it, as well.
Turf Talk with Loman: (David Loman's podcast)  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/turf-talk-w-loman-health/id1516035932
The future podcast will also be on our YouTube channel. (LovelessHealthSolutions)

Dr. Kyle mentioned the new "Understanding Inflammation" E-book available on their website for free. Simply go to www.queencityhealthcenter.com and scrolled down to the free ebook. Click and enjoy. Thank you so much for listening.

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